Bambi Enjoys!

Its all about me.


I am accepting donations
for art supplies and student loans :)
Thank you :) Any little bit helps!!



I go by BAMBI <3

100% AFRO-CAN AMERI- yes we CAN !! :D

I live in JAPAN!
I teach ENGLISH.
I love liven.
I ENJOY every precious moment.

neva give up neva surrender

FRIENDS ONLY entries alot.
I post huge pictures.
I write alot in detail.

I love dancing like a mad woman.
REAGGE DANCEHALL, hip hop, twerkin.

"my name is bambi and i aint perfect
but i work hard so i deserve it
and i belong right where you see me

thats why i never follow yall suggestions
i just always did my own thing
i run the game u stupid mother suckas
i see all this money thorugh my ohio state buck eyes
shit been goin good but good can turn to beddah
cuz u the type to loser and im the type to getta"

quote from DRAKE -- SO FAR GONE
love that mixtape!!