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08 January 2020 @ 01:18 am


Welcome to my journal =D 

This Journal is friends only readable :0

I write about my adventures in Japan.
I landed here September 2009 shortly after GRADUATING COLLEGE with my BACHELors of FINE ARTS ;)
c/o june 2009!! REPpin

I'm kinda vain or something..so I post HUGE pictures of me and my friends.
I also write about BOYS haha X3
I dont want the teachers at my school finding my journal and seeing what a fiend I am.
Sooo I post in friends only readable. 

now this journal is only for friends that i know...sorry. please visit my blogger :D 


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29 February 2012 @ 11:21 pm
Long time no see everyone!!


I'm sorry I've been negeltin my blog recently!!
I havn't been feeling very confident but I wanna change that and be more adventurous!!
Hmm ok Lets talk about what we've been up to since spring!! WOOW long time!!

Last update was May.
I had just moved to tokyo mid April.
4months runs though your fingers..
Slowly I've gotten a little more comfortable spending money.
Its though when you first move because your broke right??
Maybe I've gotten a little to comfortable.
Or maybe I'm taking Healthy risks traveling, drinking, eatting eatting eatting?? XD

Finishing up May...

got back from golden week is where i left off :) Hakone with Heather.
When I got back i signed up with the same agencey that started Dante but that hasnt worked out so well yet.
Went to Nikko with my college buddy.. who now lives in Utsunomiya Nikkos Alright for a travel place.



My Nikko day was spent hisotrygasming all about Ieyasu who is my favorite Samurai!
His shrine also has the hear no evil say no evil monkeys in it. It maybe one of the first places it was from.


I taught a whole buncha private lessons this month to makeup for expensive golden week.
I also went to Tokyo Big Sight at Tokyo Teleport station for the Design Festa May 15th 2011 it was great!!
I reccomend Design Festa!!

I signed up for Tokyo International Players. Which is Tokyo's most popular acting group.
I helped usher at one of their shows The Princess and the Pea. Great play!!


Next day was a Jamican Festival at yoyogi park that got rained on horribly!! but still fun :)


night before where i met a guy i like..havnt had that in a while but it didnt work out...but im still borrowing his laptop. p:

I auditioned for a play the little mermaid and got the part of ariels sister. great fun~


Started Hip hop classes!!
Expensive to sign up for gyms in japan.
Usually you have to pay two months in advance and then you have to pay a month in advance for the rest of the classes!!

Taught lots of private lessons this month almost one everyday!!

i auditioined for another play! This audition was great! i got to watch some amazingly talented actors and actresses some of which are industry in tokyo!! i got a small part in the christmas play for Tokyo international Players!!

Went to a coworkers rock show actully two of my co workers are in that band.
Met some cool people and had a great time! Sometimes people at live house dont dance though.
You can seee the wanna but they are too shy...ahh Japan.

i watched my schools Volleyball game for the teachers.
TIP: If you work at a school pay attention to mentions of games and teacher tournements.
good opp to go drinking with the teachers more and fit in a bit :0

OH!! Went to Ashley and Shiennas Gal circle event!!
Soo great I' so proud of those girls!!

FINALLY wen to Black proffesionals meeting at the begining of the month!
good times met some awesome people!
Heathers Bday party was a blaast!

I rode my bike to Shinjuku from Machida like a crazy person that I am.
It was great!! I loved it so much I did it twice!!

CLIMBED MT FUJI with a group of 8 co workers!
We freakin conquered that mountain!!
took a long time because of the group size but it was great fun!



taught a crap ton of private lesson in hopes of visiting hokkaido but didnt save enough...

did a photoshoot too very funky very fun!


GOT the seishun 18 kippu!!! google it good thing that kippu ( ticket) is!
SOoo far I went to AOMORI NEBUTA FESTIVAL with Justin.
@ Aomori Station


dont be a wuss, its totally safe now haha i think. That was an amazing experience!!!
I met some awesome people and INAKa is where Japan has been hiding!
I saw samurai and real happy party people!
I've never seen these things before in Japan. Only INAKA. Inaka = love


Aomori Nebuta




so much detail...wow

Hirosaki Nebuta

pics commin soon...

Goshogawara Nebuta


the best nebuta of them all!! its the most inaka so people really let loose.
pluss the parade floats were about 5 stories tall it looked like demons were decending...or acending...
anyway it was awesome to see the floats top buildings as the circled the city


Yayaa koooou!!

matta nee more pictures soon!!
please ask questions, leave comments make yourself comfy here <3
till next time :)
29 February 2012 @ 11:20 pm

So I'm all moved into tokyo!! Took me about two months but I'm settled!!
I havn't taken many photos and I dont have much to say because I'm lazy.
But I thought I'd send out love to my follwers!!!





More to come soon!!
Time to start updating again so please sendme your love and encouragement <3

till next time :)
here is a letter that a blogger i follow sent to his friend. its really comforting and lets you know whats really going on outside the sensational media.


In other great news!! I'm done with my hellish school!! I'm so happy!! OMG!! HAHAHA!!! I will miss the students they were so friendly...but the teachers...omg.. HELL!! Not to mention my 1hour 30min communte to thate hellmouth..YESS IM DONE!! ..it dosnt even do the pain I went through justice! Strange thing is at the going away party all is cool, we drink and everyone talks and is so nice Ahh..gotta take the good with the bad if you wanna enjoy life right?!

Anyway wow I'm so happy!! I can finally feel joy again after feeling so horrible...recently... So what have I been up to these past few weeks?? Well.. I posted one day before the earthquake that has sent this great nation into a many troubles...but they are at great speeds fixing everything so quickly. First of all when it happend, the earthquake, I was at school and we were practicing for a graduation ceremony. I was really scared, becausee yes even though I live in Sappro We only felt the earthquake at half its center magnitude. We only felt a 15 - 30 min 3.0. But I knew that the center must have been hit hard and I was soo worried about everyone it would effect. If I had known it would cause tsunamis as well I would have been even more horrified. Just imagine all those other children who were preparing for their graduation ceremonies..but...now...who knows maybe thier parents are gone..or maybe they themselves are gone...

But I found out about tsunami the next day or so... I was soo depressed when I found out about all the thousands of people dead and missing. I couldnt think I couldnt have fun. I was so scared and worried. Japan is soo small and many people even at my school have grandparents or relatives in Sendai and Tohoku. I even had a friend that lived in Sendai...he is ok but I was soo worried when I couldnt contact him for a week.

It was terrifying I was on my phone with my friend in Hakodate and we were trying to plan a way for her to climb on her roof incase there as a tusnami in here area becasue it was on the high warning and a coastal city...its crazy. Only a few days later everything was back to normal in Sapporo and Hokkaido. But things in Tohoku were even crazier with radiation spreading and no electrcity. Not to mention I was in the middle of planning for my move to Tokyo... I almost went crazy with worry and trying to fly out with the rest of the foregin crowd.

I'm happy I researched and belived and waited. I'm still moving to Tokyo and I'm still keeping an eye on radiation levels and ways to help the homeless and parentless in Tohoku. I'm going to do my best. So thats what I have been up to. My only ways of escape through the hardest times at the begining was to talk to my friends and family and some fo them know alot about radiation and government facts.. so talking and getting real facts has helped me keep a level head.

I've been having many going away parties, despite my low spirits..I tried my best to enjoy my last outings with my Sapporo friends. I couldnt do my hair or makeup as well as usual with such low spirits but I did what I could. We have to enjoy everyday and drink up like its the last time..for those who can't anymore.

PICTURES!!! 3/10/11 - 3/13/11 Thursday missed para para went hoome slept Friday Earthquake called Fam walked home to relax Saturday worried about my frirend I was giving my students too but it worked out ok started planning my going away party Sunday took out extensions myself

3/14 - 3/20 Monday hair Tuesday 3nen sei Graduation and lunch with women teachers Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

3/16 watching movies hanging out with my friend day off still wasnt sure if i'd be in japan for how long...

3/17 working normally and last day for judo


kyushoku (school lunch) Photobucket Photobucket

3/18 preparing for my going away party

3/19 going away party, started drinking at 7...

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket GREAT NIGHT!! Thank you soo much everyone.. I'm so blessed to have all these people in my life...such a beautiful variety :)

3/20 movies and lunch with my sapporo bestie eric :) AGORA great film!! please watch!!

if you love philosophy and history YOU MUST WATCH THIS!~

" Euclid’s First Common Notion: “Things which are equal to the same thing are also equal to one another.

In the scene, the two things are ‘a pagan’ and ‘a Christian’ and the third thing is ‘an atheist.’ "

source = http://spherecow.wordpress.com/2010/10/20/mice-on-a-galley-a-review-of-agora/

3/21 girls day out with jennifer so fun! soba and lots of pictures

reading and private lessons

Going away party with my old school :( haha soo fun though.





the boys were performing for us haha
such a good time i hugged everyone :)

3/24 library and reading haha LOTR...hee

3/25 Going away party with my... school...that im so happy...i got to have the experience with and AM NOW DONE HAHA!! YES but 3 parties tiered me out haha
Going away speech in the morning to the teachers room, going way speech in front of the kids and going waay speech at the party :)

3/26 last lessons with my adorable kids

3/27 last soup curry time in sa pporo with friends XD
3/28 todaaaay packing and appartmetn stuffs :)


Twitter seriously helped me cope way easier and easy to find news and reports from people who live in the area

and of course please follow my twitter

link is on the right hand side!! & ===>
Hello Everyone,


Sorry for not updating recently, I've been going througha little bit of stress.
But I have 100 followers that great!! Thank you so much everyone for taking
interest in my blog especially since I dont update as much as I should!!
Now to make up for lost time :) It's been a month since I updated.

Feb 13-20
Started looking for appartmentes this week in Tokyo.
Gajin Pot, your friends who currently live in Tokyo and wikipeida are yoru friend in this process.

watching the students prepare for graduation singing its so beautiful to watch this.
its a special experience for them they know they only have a few weeks left in the grade they are in at this time. in the above picture is the conductor, my favorite conductor from the 3rd years
he really gets passionate about his condoucting!!

the most interesting thing about japanese schools is how similar all the students look
in this form... I dont mean they look alike as in all the same faces, same height etc because its not true, I mean look at this picture!! soo unified! i tried to explain it to my teacher I said everyone has black hair and the same clothes on...when in america we have blonde, black, brown, curly red hair...but he misunderstood me.. thinking I said that all the students face look alike, he said all forigners look alike too... interesting...

Sunday I went to Phylicia's for a Nic Cage movie night. Haha I always thought I was the only person in the world who thought the guy was a loony toon this but turns out its normal.

Feb 21 - 26

I had Monday and Tuesday off!! I think its because my school hates me but I'm supposed to end that negative thinking and take it as a lucky charm that I have time to get more in touch with myself and appartment search. I was pretty sick this week too so its lucky that I had time to rest up. Everyone was getting sick at this time.
Friday I was supposed to go to a Wii party but I stayed home and slept instead..XD
Another interesting thing about this week was the 3rd year students had a buffet school lunch.
It was interesting to watch.

heres the fruit tray from the buffet

Took it easy on the weekend as well.
I was invited to the ChitChat cafe curry party!! It was pretty fun :)

Heres my outfit for the night.
Also this night I was on NHK with some other lovely girls this night.



I might have to do a sepearte post for the NHK special but alot of people saw me on tv some of the teachers at my school mentiond it to me..I felt a litlte weird because I wonder what they thought of me being on TV but I dont care because it's already done.. XD

Some funny stuff from school

team sad banana ftw!!

Feb 27 - 06
Fun week!! I finished being sick and feeling weak.
& its time for going away parties starting this week
me and the cutiest boy in the world.
Sometimes when you move you relize the special people you have in your life.
abouve picture is from a party with very special friends and japanese family

Sukiyaki and Nabe very fuckin good!!

veggies can boil or w/e...
take the raw meat and swish it through the water
until its a color you like then put it in raw egg and eat!!
haha looks gross and dangerous but its delicious and safe!!

ponzu and raw egg mix in one bowl and goma(seasame sauce) in other
picutes above are from dinner with student(adult)/ friend

next day dinner with soem japanese friends...omg im gonna get fat..must be careful...

Next day photo shoot with a friend of mine who shoots for AGEHA!!



Very fun!! I love this guy!!
Afterward we went to dinner at a very very fuckin nice place.
He's got great taste.


fondu :) and wine...ahhh fine dining

heres the man himself great guy English is amazing!! i was telling him about the American gyaru lifestylehe was so shocked haha

Saturday was the next day and I tutored in the morning as usual and had lunch with that family..
omg impeeding domn of party weight gain..later was clubbing
their dog slept on my fott during the lesson..soo cute.. <3 href="http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v291/Dances_In_the_Stars/?action=view&current=DSC07710.jpg" target="_blank">Photobucket










omg...haha I need to go to bed its 335AM not 330 AM but 335AM .. gotta work tomorrow..soo gonna sleep or attempt somethin like that for 2-3 more hours..XD
mor epictures later haha!!
29 February 2012 @ 11:14 pm
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Another fight against Pro live folks!
29 February 2012 @ 11:12 pm
This weekend was the last weekend for Yuki Matsuri.


First I met up with my friend's friend and we walked around the festival.
Well sort of I just ate and we talked. XD
Then I had three private lessons to teach.
Afterwards it was about 9ish so I decided not to go home and change and just
to head to the only place I know TK6 for people I know and some food.
Its crazy how when your really lonely you can seek comfort from a place you
really dont like...just to talk to someone and feel a connection.. simply that.
Afterwards around 1230 or 1130..
I went to Precious Hall, Japan's best club for thier sound system.
The sound was alright, I got a freebee bag!! Nice!
It was really weird everyone was doing the same thing side steping like robots!!
I was in there jamming haha. Very weird Japan oh man.
There were some drunk guys doing thier thing though!! Only a handful though.
I met up with some girls from my friends store I used to model for.
So I had a little more fun with the group.
Went home a little early around 330am...


My friend Sara was here visiting with her roommate.
So I met up with them around 3.
Its a small small Japan becasue Sarah's room mate is friends with my friend Nayomi.
Soo...yeah... When it comes to big groups of people theres alot of waiting for everyone
so in the middle of that I bought some shoes haha.
Then we took purikura I wore the lashes I got from one of the machine.
And I actually liked them haha!





After that we split up a bit, Eric, Jenny and Nayomi went to a resturant and
I went with Jennifer to walk her to the train and then to meetup with Sarah and
Simon ( her room mate) We grabbed some food and went straight to TK6 where
we sat and talked for hours and then Jenny, Eric and Nayomi met up with us.
It feels so weird being friends with such a huge group of people.
Its not like we are close friends super close but just people going through a situation
together. Its soo weird but we go with it, with the comfort seeking thing.
The only person I'm really close with is Eric..but at the same time we spend so much
time together with the whole group it feels like we barely know anything about eachother.
ALT life man. Its tough...it reminds me of the military in the way your sort of
come here right after school get kinda brainwashed by your company and then thrown to the
wolves.. while also learning about becoming an adult and your place in the world
but in a foreign country very different culturally than your own..so you have to ask yourself
even more questions about what is right and wrong and to do and not to do.
TK6 Eric went home, Simon went home Jenny and Nayomi went home but Aki and his friend
met up with us. ( my japanese guy friend aki) so the 4 of use went KARAOKE it was super fun.
Dom was going to meeup with us but he didnt and after Karaoke Sarah went home and Aki and I went to the club!! JADE!!
It was empty when we got there around midnight...
But we started dancing and took a shot or two and then it got full and
some BLACK GIRLS some JETS showed up and I was sooo happy!!


They were such good dancers!! Sometimes I forget what its like to watch black girls dance!
ITs like art in movement haha! I know its weird for me to say that because I'm black but I'm not such a good dancehall dancer.. so thats what I mean.
They left around 3am because they had to catch a flight the next day but we exchanged contact.
I've been talking to them about appartments in Tokyo so I'm getting more excited!!
About 3am we checked out another club BOOTy the free (club) gajin trash hole.(its pretty bad)
to say hi to some old friends there. ( haha XD No offence to anyone who likes to save money and go there) If your not with a group of friends dont go there !!
Anyway some of my friends from there came to Jade after.
I stayed until 620 AM haha around that time one of ther reagge performers started hitting
on me as usual haha. Its soo crazy how it works!! I dont mean to sound conceited or anything
but everytime I stay at a club till the first train I get hit on by one of the reagge artists.
I know exactly what the reasons is:
"Last girl in the club ok maybe shes drunk enough for me to get lucky."
This guy was funny though! He was wearing a kimono! His twin performs with him in Kimono aswell. Anyway after telling him "noo I'm not going to help you have a good
sleep" about 20 times I made it to the first train and bought some onigiris on the way home.


Got a few hours of sleep.
Then met up with a friend to watch basketball.
I really enjoy watching live sports.
I really enjoy sports period.
After the baskeball game
( Japan's best girls baskeball team vs some other team and
Hokkaidos team vs Some other team...XD ) which was loads of fun,
I went to meetup with Steven, another ALT from my company.
It was so much fun!!

before games we had ramen!!

Today...chillen and looking for appartmetns online
Where to live!?? Walking distance from Shinjuku or a train ride away.
I love going out and clubbing so I dont mind paying for an expensive shit appartment
if I can walk home or take a cheap 2000yen taxi home. Still thinking though
if you have any suggestions please let me know !!

29 February 2012 @ 11:10 pm
yeah Hellooooo!!


I was tired last weekend haha!
Thursday was the para night and that made me a bit tierd
Friday I went out again to a reagge club event

VERY FUN!!! I got my DANCEHALL on and everyone was windin pon de heads and crazyness, the dancehall performances were amazing too there was japan's dancehall king and he was on fiyaaah omg!!
cant wait for this weekend..this time im taking it easy so i have more energy
friday night!! also gonna take pictures this time XD gotta work on umping up my
style!!Saturday was insane!! AFTER going out THURSDAY and FRIDAY I usually tutor some very adorable kids! The sad thing is waking up at 8am after getting home at 4am!! booo ! AFter tutoring I had a meeting and after the meeting I tutored!!OMG!!
After all that we went out and had fun!!

Sunday I slept in..(sleeping in is 10am haha) then I went to see GANTz omg soo good!! Ninooo you hottie!!

Yes the film was in Japanese and I had to pay 1800yen to watch it..but I dont care!! and another funny thing I was sitting between two OTAKU, one was mouth breathing super loud the other was INHALING popcorn haha. Anyway great movie I WANT THAT SUIT!! haha

I'm going to miss Sapporo and its freezing cold beauty. Which reminds me YUKI MATSURI STARTED!!


Yuki Matsuri is Sapporo's biggest tourist event I think. 2 million a year come to
behold huge hand crafted snow sculptures. Its freaking cold though... and Im not one to
enjoy standing out in the cold...haha

What elese uhh ohh yeah NABE post!!

you need the burner thingies, put pot on them water and soupy stuff XD i suck at describing..

soupy stuff (miso soup water)


kimshi flava too

STEP 2 (let the japanese people do everything XD jk jk you can help..a little)



heres the clear noodly things i cant remember what they are called but u might want them too

Step 3...
LET IT COOK :) simple right.. maybe 20 mins total or until it looks soo freaking good you cant wait..


maybe more beansprouts

Step 5


SHould look like this

cute boy plus sause check!!








There you goo now enjoy your nabe!! ITS HEALTHY AND DELICIUOS!!


See you next time <3

29 February 2012 @ 11:09 pm


I went out last night for a while, I didnt know many routines but
I socialized a bit and took some pictures


I forget everyones names...ahhh i only remember the transvestite seikoo ahhh


wow 2 posts in one week!! goo me!!
thanks for all your love and comments guys rabbit year really is the year of positivity and
spreading happiness.


29 February 2012 @ 11:08 pm

Heres me in my favorite chillen gear!
I've had this dress for YEARS!! maybe since 2008!! I love it!!

I had a great weekend and this week is nice too!!
Last week came with great classes and feeling more comfortable with the students.
I feel so calm and relaxed around them but when it comes to the other
teachers I feel a complete shut down. I have to get over that somehow.

Lets see last wednesday I had the day off so I cleaned!! :D
Well not 100% off becasue I had a private lesson. Thursday was ok as well,
after school I taught two of my younger students. Then had the cute buisnessman
after that to teach rarr haha I'd never try it though he has a super cute and
nice girlfriend. Anyway... passed out after doing my 3 step clinique anti blemish process


its amazing clearing up my acne that came out of no where!!
i swear ive never had acne before but now..anyway this magic is clearin it all up
even the moisturizer is healing the scars!!

anyway next day finally made it was friday!!
haha my job is getting harder and harder for me to stay sane in the room..
I got off work early THANK GOD so I bought Erics Birthday presents.
Then I went hoome and passed out and woke up just in time to teach a private lesson.
After the private lesson I got a text from Hirotsugu a Japanese friend of ours
We drank played darts ate quesidillas and I even ran into an old fling and we had a nice little convo :D after that bar we went to another bar haha


after the 2nd bar with my japanese friends I went DANCING!! (yup alone!
It was pretty fun I ran into my friend
Nic and it was lucky becasue hes the only other young african american here soo
we naturally have a kind of bond haha. We talked and joked and it was refeshing how
the simple things can make me so happy.
I love reagge clubs its all love everyone is mad cool they say hello and chit chat
everones easy to talk to and you can just walk up and dance together with em
Danced got some frustraightion out and
came home around 3am because I had another private at 9am haha.

Woke up early went to teach my lesson with the cutest kids in the world.
Make getting up at 8am on Saturday almost worth it...
After I decided to come home becasue I was batshit tierd. Took a nap then woke up at
5 with a call from my friends who were going to help me make Eric's cake.


Happy Bday Eriiiic!!


I got him Body Shop, and a cookbook.
I also made him a card by hand and marshmello birthday cake haha made from huge marshmellows. XD


TABEHODAII is all you can eat haha
Its maddess that is part of Japan.
It was a fun night he decided he wanted to rent movies and go home and sleep instead of hittin
up Precious hall. But Me and Bob the crazy stopped by a club event for 4000en haha.
Some cute Japanese girls grabbed my boobs like the always doo and people were
callin me Beyonce it was a normal night haha.


cute girls!! selling shots

My aquaninatance Sway gettin much love at the event.

got home early about 2am.. haha


NEXT DAY WAS SNOWBOADING!! OMG Ive been wanting to goo soooo BAD!!


Theres a free bus that goes from Sapporo Station to Rusutsu resort amazing place


eattin gummy worms on the bus haha


beautiful powder!!
there was a huge group of us it was soo much fun and ive been so sore this week!!
but its worth it and im pretty sure i can go again

I <3 Snowboarding when Im on the mountain my mind is soo clear
and I can see is the beautiful view.
It was soo scarey at first strapping myself to a board and diving down a cliff yah know
but I got used to it..it was amazing thanks to my 2 friends who helped ahh ~~

we took the bus back and had an awesome nabe party
Up next how to make nabe....haha NEXT ENTRY!!


I was soo tierd and sore monday a teacher actually approached me and asked if I was ok haha